FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Natural Best Products Laboratoire S.L.

Can you explain how the MAX BIOCIDE range works?

The MAX BIOCIDE range works by smothering the insect. It uses geraniol or margosa, an extremely fluid oil, which will cover the insect and block the airway. At the same time, the shell of the insect and the glue that attaches the parasite to the hair will be softened and dissolved. In fact, the insect becomes brittle and the shell breaks. The parasites come loose and are eliminated by brushing or washing.

Are there any counter-indications?

The fact that we do not use neurotoxic principles, there are no counter-indications. The product can be used on both puppies/kittens from 3 months onward, and the pregnant female. There are no allergic reactions as with other substances.

Natural Best Products Laboratoire S.L.

What are the interests of a natural mechanical formula?

The advantage of using natural ingredients on a mechanical principle is not to attack, the subject to be treated as well as the insects to eliminate. The neurotoxic products developed over the last 30 years are as toxic to the animal as the insect.

The use of a neurotoxin against an insect will develop a resistance phenomenon. Over the past 30 years, insects have evolved at a speed much higher than that of our animals and have become resistant to everything we have to offer on the market. Hence the need to use a substance with mechanical action on which the insect can not evolve.

Can you explain why some products do not work?

Currently available products, such as pesticides and insecticides are neurotoxic. They attack the insect destroying their nervous system. Insects have evolved at an extremely rapid rate during the past 30 years. So that the molecules do not act on the nervous system. Insects are definitely more susceptible to these molecules. On the other hand, the sensitivity of the animal to the toxicity remains at the same degree.

Natural Best Products Laboratoire S.L.

Are there animals that are more receptive to parasites?

The attraction of pests to some animals and not others is a subject that is still unclear. It appears that some factors such as pheromones, hair length play an important role in the attraction of animal parasites but specific phenomena are not yet well known.

What advice would you give to a household faced with a pest infestation problem?

A household faced with an invasion of parasites should first examine all areas frequented by the animal to determine the extent of the problem. All contaminated areas should be treated immediately with a suitable product. Both the animal rugs, basket, and surfaces in it's direct environment should be treated with a product designed for this purpose.